Leaf Clean Up

As the leaves are falling and the grass is slowly going dormant for the winter, it is important to mulch or remove the leaves from the lawn to prevent bare spots in the spring. One of the great benefits from mulching the leaves is Free Fertilizer. This free fertilizer will help keep you lawn alive through the winter, it will also enrichen the soil for the next growing season. Healthy soil produces a healthy lawn.

Whatיs included with a leaf clean up?

* Blowing leaves into the lawn from driveways, side walks, porches, garden beds and street sides.

* Leaves will then be mulched up into tiny pieces with a commercial grade lawn mower. These tiny pieces can then break down easily into the lawn.

Other fall services recommended:

* Gutter cleaning
* Tree pruning
* Shrub trimming
* Perennial plant trimming
* Mulch installation

Landscaping Services

We make sure the outside of your home or business looks beautiful. From the grass, to the bushes, to the fencing around your property, don’t worry we got you covered!

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Landscaping
  • Spring Clean up
  • Mulch installation
  • Fencing and Decks
  • Lawn Care
  • Tree & Shrub Trimming
  • Fall Clean up
  • Aeration
  • Storm clean-up